Swimming for a Six Pack

One of the best ways to get in shape for the summer is pick a sport. Cardio in the gym often tends to be boring and does not give spectacular results either. When doing cardio not just the intensity of the workout but the volume of the workout is also important. Intensity is important to boost your metabolism while a greater volume of cardio results in greater number of calories burned. A sport can enable you to do both, it can replace both high intensity interval training and low intensity training.


I have looked up a number of sites and get different figures everywhere. But, what i can say for certain is that an intense swim of an hour can burn roughly 500 to 600 calories. Now, some strokes will have a greater intensity as opposed to others, but you can always start with the freestyle stroke. The movement against water’s resistance means that swimming helps you burn more calories.  Full body movement is another factor that helps burn more calories and pushes up your heart rate.  Restricted breathing helps train the cardio respiratory function. All in all swimming is much more intense than a jog and will help you get shredded for the summer. One thing that i need to add is swimming beats the heat. In Delhi/NCR’s intense heat is almost always to hot to play an outdoor sport. There are plenty of indoor pools in Delhi/NCR which you can exercise during the heat hours of the day. Also plenty of Delhi/NCR pools are open in both the morning and evening so one can easily accommodate a swim in their schedule.